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PVC Adhesives

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Ceel-Tite solvent welding system adhesive is applied with a standard applicator gun and forms a permanent chemical bond between the PVC members.  It takes an initial set in 10 minutes with complete adhesive curing in 8-10 hours.  Ceel-Tite adhesive contains approximately 21% solids.  If applied at a rate of 5 mils (0.005 inches) the coverage rate would be 320 square feet per gallon, resulting in a dried film approximately one mil thick.  Ceel-Tite adhesive can be used on 20 and 30 mil (.5mm and .8mm) jacketing and most Ceel-Co 550/300 PVC insulated fitting covers where a totally sealed system is required, such as in the USDA market.  Ceel-Tite adhesive is available in one quart (.95 liter)  Note:  It is recommended that Ceel-Tite adhesive be applied at temperatures above 40 degrees farenheit.  Recommended use within 9-12 months of date code.
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