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Breeding Insulation brings a level of professionalism and expert knowledge to this complex system you won’t find anywhere else.
Our professional insulation services include but are not limited to:

Domestic Water Pipe Insulation

Dometic water pipe insulation can make a tangible difference in reducing your energy costs. With the wide range of experience Breeding offers, new water pipe insulation will contribute to the longevity of your plumbing system.

Mechanical Insulation Installation Services

Breeding Insulation Company Knoxville, Inc. (BICK) has provided and installed expert industrial and commercial insulation to the Knoxville area for almost 40 years. We offer a full range of industrial mechanical, and commercial insulation products and services to customers throughout the Southeast.

Duct & Pipe Insulation

Without duct insulation, heating and air conditioning systems must work harder to deliver air at the right temperature and can draw in dust and other particles. Ductwork insulation often reduces HVAC energy consumption by around 20% – depending on your heating and cooling needs.

Steam Piping

We specialize in steam piping which is the distribution of pressurized steam from a boiler to the working components for purposes like mechanical work, heating, or electricity generation. Special care should be taken to steam piping systems as they deal with high temperatures and pressure.

Refrigerant & Extreme Temp Insulation

Refrigerant pipe insulation is a key component of a high-performing refrigeration system. These systems vary by application, temperature requirements, refrigerant types, and operating environments. Ensuring you select a material that can withstand the parameters of your application is a crucial requirement when insulating a product; that’s where we come in.

Protective Jacketing

Protective jacketing helps provide a further layer of protection around the pipe insulation to guard underlying insulation against moisture, wear, and mechanical damage. This is crucial to the productivity and effectiveness of mechanical insulation. 

Chillers & Boilers

Ensuring your chillers and boilers are working up to par is essential in providing consistent temperature and pressure within your industrial process by using water to heat and cool a structure. These are important components for building maintenance and construction and we ensure they operate safely, efficiently, and sustainably. 

Brewers Tanks & Lines

We understand that installing brewery systems are not your typical services which is why it’s important to choose reliable help. Count on us for all your brewery systems installation, repair, or remodel, so that it’s of high quality and completed in your timeline.

Reliable Insulation Experts

Your trusted source for quality mechanical insulation products.

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With more than 160 years of combined insulation services, Breeding is ready to help with all your project needs.

A Record of High-Quality Work

We’re equipped to handle the mechanical insulation needs of facilities at any size and layout.

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Our team members are safe, professional, and dependable—you can count on that.

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Breeding Insulation is qualified to provide you with a variety of services including:

Needs analysis
Product considerations
Cost savings recommendations

We provide detailed bids with scopes provided for projects of all sizes.


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